The motivating factor

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The motivating factor

Post  RachelSyckle on Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:36 pm

Each of us is unique. We have unique set of needs, aspirations and motivations. Motivation is a factor that stimulates action in response to some need and sustain the same till the need is fulfilled. Itís the involvement of the customer that is more important. It refers to the importance of a product perceived by the customer in a given situation.

Involvement is considered as an important factor because itís something that makes people to listen towards what is been marketed by the producer. More than that itís the creativity or the necessity that makes them to listen to it rather than having a vague outlook. Once the necessity is being injected into human mind, they canít slip in from listening to it. High involvement leads to highly motivated state of mind.

As the tastes, preferences and likeliness of the people are entirely different; the agencies looking for fashion model have a tough time. They canít make something out of mere perception as itís the money factor that limits every new venture. So a systematic study is essential before taking the first step. Each and every category of the focused group should be studied thoroughly. For some it will be the product features that lay down as a motivating factor, where as for others it will be the attractiveness and presentation of the advertisement. So the specification of the products, the type of models and the advertisement captions should be formulated with utmost care and caution.


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