Magmoo3t Matchat L.Undertaker

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Magmoo3t Matchat L.Undertaker

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Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker

Mankind vs Undertaker

Steve Austin & Undertaker vs Mankind & Kane

Big Boss Man vs Undertaker

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker

Kane vs Undertaker
(WrestleMania 15)

The Undertaker Vs Kane : Inferno Match

Team Undertaker vs Team Mabel
(Survivor Series 1995)

Undertaker vs Mankind
(Summer Slam 1996)

The Undertaker vs Bret Hart
(Royal Rumble 1996)

The Undertaker Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
( buried Alive Match)

The Undertaker Vs Bret Hart
(Summer Slam 1997)

The Undertaker Vs Mankind
(buried alive -In Your Houes 1996)

Undertaker vs. Papa Shango

Undertaker vs DDP
(King Of The Ring 2001 )

Undertaker vs Yokozuna -casket match
(Survivor Series 1994 )

Hulk Hogan vs The Undertaker
(Survivor Series 1991)


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